Piano Songs for Silence Vol. II

„This CD is an expression of my gratitude to the world and my audience, for the path I have been able to follow”.
Twelve calm piano pieces, recorded on the Steinway grand borrowed for this purpose. Alongside the title song, “Danke” (Thanks) are several new “Solo Piano Songs for Silence”, as well as some remakes of earlier recordings.


  1. Thanks - Danke
  2. Again I could open my heart to you, I thank you - Und wieder konnte ich mein Herz für dich öffnen, ich danke dir
  3. Dear Inner Child - An das Kind in mir
  4. A Long Run ... and Always Now! - Ein langer Weg ... und immer ist „Jetzt“
  5. Ma, I ́m Coming - Mutter, ich komme zu dir
  6. Prayer - Gebet
  7. Song of Man Piano Version - Lied des Menschen Klavierfassung
  8. The Silence of Your Heart I - Die Stille in deinem Herzen I
  9. The Silence of Your Heart II - Die Stille in deinem Herzen II
  10. Sacred Space - Heiliger Raum
  11. Song to My Heart - Lied an mein Herz
  12. Thanks Reprise - Danke Reprise

Joachim Goerke – piano solo

Released 2006

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