Joachim Goerke & Band

This CD presents wonderful, and in their superior quality, unique compositions, examples of the appealing advancement of Joachim Goerke´s piano music. The “Piano Songs for Silence” are extended to include superb musicians and their instruments.

You can hear how much Matthias Clasen on saxophone, Sebastian Brand on bass and Erik Wisniewski on percussion enjoy encircling and enhancing the songs with their brilliant improvisation. This constellation invigorates older material with new sparkle. A moving and highly concentrated album evolved under the skillful hands of Friedrich Thein in the Thein studios.

Bursting with life, these delicate tones transport the listener … and the inner voice of silence, as the basis for all things, can be found and found again. Each musician unfolds with his instrument, and in this harmonious interaction something unique evolves, expressing heartfelt connection.


  1. Danke
  2. Ma I’m coming
  3. Gebet
  4. Damnoni
  5. Suite:
    • A You are all I’ver ever waited for
    • B Waiting to go
    • C Und da ist keine Zeit
  6. West coast inspiration
  7. Hymn to a true friend
  8. White dove fly
  9. Springburning Lyrics by Roland Patrick/South Africa
  10. Waves of the desert sand
  11. Mondnacht
  12. A long run
  13. Die Welle und das Meer

Joachim Goerke: Blüthner D grandpiano, melodica, vocal

Released 2007

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