Hymns and more Piano Songs for Silence

I recorded this CD in April 2010 on a beautiful Grotrian Steinway grand (my favourite grand piano) in the Seraphon recording studios in Freiburg.
Uli Gitschier was kind enough to lend me the famous 1962 Neumann tube microphones. They, and the analogous mixing, together created a very fine recording, with great dynamics and brilliance.
The CD not only includes new versions of several piano songs, but also many powerful new songs laying greater emphasis on the piano.


  1. Hymn To A True Friend - Hymne an den wahren Freund
  2. The Silence Of Your Heart - Die Stille deines Herzens
  3. HymnTo Pure Joy +VOCAL - Hymne an die reine Freude +VOCAL
  4. Little Blue Bird - Kleiner blauer Vogel
  5. Peaceful Flow - Friedliches Fließen
  6. Your Sweetness - Deine Süße
  7. Hymn To The Timeless Power Of Life +VOCAL - Hymne an die zeitlose Kraft des Lebens +VOCAL
  8. Moonlit Night +MONOCORD - Mondnacht +MONOCORD
  9. The Gateway To The Hall Of Peace - Das Tor zur Halle des Friedens
  10. Prayer - Gebet
  11. Shall I ? ........Yes ! - Soll ich ? ........Ja !
  12. The Wave And The Ocean - Die Welle und das Meer

Joachim Goerke - Piano Solo Vocal / Monochord
All compositions: Joachim Goerke / Sajema Music Lüneburg

Released 2010

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