Piano Songs for Silence & Songs of Spirit

Characteristic of this CD is a profound peace.
New "Piano Songs for Silence" alternate with vocalizes inspired by piano improvisations and songs from the a-cappella male voice quartets ”Circle of Songs”. The “Songs of Spirit” are spiritual hymns, embraced by the sounds of solo piano.
Recorded in a church in Lueneburg in amazing quality, the legendary Thein Music Studios, Bremen, managed to lend it a natural sounding, sacred acoustic, transporting the listener right inside the church walls. The superb tone of the grand piano is thanks Grotrian Steinway, who lent the instrument.
Altogether, a moving listening experience!


  1. Andacht - Devotion
  2. Hymn to silence
  3. Silence calls me
  4. Floating on the sea of stillness (I)
  5. Music as the breath of eternity
  6. Peaceful Flow
  7. Floating on the sea of stillness (II) mit Matthias Clasen am Saxophon
  8. Make me a channel of your peace
  9. The gateway to the hall of peace
  10. Gebet / Prayer
  11. How can I open my own heart
  12. Deep emptiness / Kind Gottes
  13. Floating on the sea of stillness (III)
  14. Little blue bird
  15. Song of man - Lied des Menschen inspiriert von einem Gedicht von Khalil Gibran
  16. The silence of your heart (II)
  17. Like the waves oft the ocean

Joachim Goerke Piano Solo & Vocal
A Cappella Quartett „Circle of Songs“ (2, 5, 8, 11, 12, 15, 17)

All compositions and arrangements by Joachim Goerke
(except 5: composition by Heike Krüger).

Released 2011

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