This CD was recorded in high-end quality in the Lueneburg piano church, on a Steinway & Sons concert grand. The piano music is deeply moving and intense. The listener feels as though he´s actually in the church, enjoying the wonderful tones of this instrument. Joachim Goerke accompanies a number of the songs with free improvised vocalizes, which open up new sound and soul dimensions. In the piece “What about my eyes?” he interprets lyrics from the Sufi poet Rumi.
At times, the music offers a profound calm, while at others, it follows animated, almost jazzy paths.

Gnade - Grace

  1. Gnade - Grace
  2. Peaceful flow Version 2015
  3. I said: what about my eyes Words by Rumi
  4. Moving or not moving - stillness within Version 2015
  5. The lonesome old tree
  6. Famous blue raincoat Music by Leonard Cohen
  7. Hejo Saje
  8. Hope we’re gonna stay
  9. Song of man Intrumental

Joachim Goerke – Grandpiano and Vocal

All compositions and arrangements by Joachim Goerke, except musical theme of track 6.

Released 2016

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